Get rid, go read! – Take give read

This is a concept of a sharing box for magazines, newspapers and books in public space. A solution to the throwaway society today. Read the newspaper once and you throw away? This Bookbox enables clean storage for already readed stuff at airports, railway stations or major public interiors.

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The principle

For storage of possible 28 magazines vertical drawers are provided. Horizontal for newspapers. These are completely transparent to recognize the content and cover quickly .

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The model

The model is produced in scale 1: 2 . So it is  almost two meters high in real.
Relating to the materiality is to say, that a mixture of wood and plexiglas is implemented. However, the newspaper and magazine element is made out of wood because of cost and time reasons. In reality, these two elements would be completely transparent plexiglas.

A project in the subject creativity, 2th semester