Upcycling in the cool way

A lamp out of old Duplostones? For sure! Why should you leafe the toys in the cellar…


Everyone know them, everyone love them. And suddenly they are gone. But ten years later they are back again!

This lamp was developed in a short private project. I wanted to upcycle the old toy and generate more space in my cellar.
This is a typical case in the urban enviroment. You continually buying new stuff and  the old stuff i just stealing the place. I’m happy, that my parents don’t threw them away! Everyday when I switch the light on, I think about my memorys of my childhood.

In my oppinion thats the special thing about upcycling: Old stuff is revaluated and the memories are conserved. Many people just recognize the benefit in terms of the ressources. But isn’t it just as sustainable to preserve the thought and remains?

Day for day the visitors are delighted about this unique. This design is made for to be in the centerr and attract the sights. By the way, this lamp generates wonderfull and awesomme shadows to the ceiling and walls. The lights is sparkeling hrough the little gaps between the brinks.





legoleuchte detail