Prepare garlic without stinking fingers – A kitchen appliance that finally solves a real problem!

Most of us like it, some hate it: Garlic.
But we all hate to prepare it. Why? Your hands
smell for days and hours and you wished you
hadn‘t touched the mean bulb at all.

knoblauchschäler_2 knoblauchschäler knoblauchschäler schileße_DSC0837_1 shaker knoblauchschälen

Step 1: Put 1-5 garlic cloves in the shaker.
Step 2: Close the lid.
Step 3: Shake it 5 seconds.
Step 4: Open the lid and spill out the garlic cloves.
Now you‘ve got perfekt peeled garlic. Don‘t cut it or put it in the garlic press, that ruins the taste! If you want, you can scrunch it with the flat part of the knife or with the lid of the garlic peeler – you won‘t even have to touch it at all!



Additional: This project was not a classic product design project. Originally it was the challenge to expllore and apply the work and approaches a famous designer (here: Achile Castiglioni). The peculiarity of Achille Castiglioni is to develop products  with his spontaneous, loose and playful ease. In particular, the experiment and the rapid prototyping play an important role. In summary it is to say that his operation methos brought much joy and yielded great result

So simple, so refined – I like that!”
A. Castiglioni
A project in the subject design basics II, 2th semester
Team Partner: Fynn Eckstein