A case for Laptop or files

A private project with focus on the time of production.

Leather. A material which is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, durability and patina. Automatically we stroke with our hand over leather sofas that feel soft and durable. Especially in times of digitization and hectic rush we long for the original and more often we decide for products made of felt, wood or leather. In general, a lot of work is connected with such products. Here I asked myself the task to produce a bag for drawings, files or the laptop . In fact as quicky and easy as possible! Because simplicity is the solution to the problems in an increasingly complex world.

ledertasche ledertasche 2

Reduction“, “minimalism”, “timeless”, “abstinence”, “Less is more” etc. are terms that have been collected mainly from advertising to decorate everything that has anything to do with design. Then you see cool, reduced white cubes with great surfaces standing around in the room and the layman thinks “that’s design”. But isn’t the real, true simplicity the way of connection between products and environment and its conditions? Not the foreclosure. Not the lack of understanding.

Here I have specifically focused the simplicity thought about production time and individual work steps. At first I thought that I want to disengage myself of the troublesome design credo sometimes. However, the desire for the beauty of simplicity is always a focus on the essentials and the content.

“The perfection of simplicity transfigured abstinence for accuracy de taste” (Ulf Poschhart)