Games Takeaway

Board games or memories are played rare. Especially in the age 18+,  gathering around a table to play with friends isn’t common anymore. We had the challenge to develope a game box (25 x 25cm), which combines many different games under one roof and is transportable. Especially here: Memory without table and without annoying cards.

Hölzchenspiel figuren Hölzchenspiel

The principle

A solid wooden box allows the insertion of different, double-sided boards. Here: Mill, lady, memory, wall climbing (newly invented game). The pieces are sorted on one side made of brass or tin. In addition, the 32 pieces have 16 different color stripe in the middle.

With all the game pieces memory is played . For this purpose, the matching game board is inserted and the chopsticks are distributed arbitrary. The thin colored strips are not visible when they are stuck in the pitch. If desired, the box can be closed with the cover and be arbitrarily rotated and turned in all directions. This is the “mixing process”. Just open the Box and play.


Capture One Catalog0048 Capture One Catalog0029

The rest of the game variations are just for two people. The players ca choose their color between brass or tin.

A team project in the subject interaction design, 1th semester
Teampartner: Jessica de Carné, Fynn Eckstein