Cookie Cutters

A small project about cookiecutters in leaf shape. So rediscover the nature during backing.

Do you remember how a poplar looks like ? Or a lime? Just after leaving primary school you have already forgotten how all the trees around you are called or how they look like. These cookie cutters are made for teaching kids things about nature and reminding adults again. Learning by baking (LBB) is out of degradable, natural fiberstrengthened PLA, formed with the injection moulding method.


Plätzchen ausstechform Natur detail_3

The knowledge about nature will get lost

The idea was born during a walk through the forest with my family. In this forest, information-pannels were standing everywhere. I was surprised how less i still know about nature. In primary-school we all learned a lot about the trees around us. But this knowledge shrinks if your not a biologist.
I wanted to combine the learning-aspect with a usefull and object, that makes fun during use.
By the way it was december…so the idea making cookie-cutters was obvious

Plätzchen ausstechform schrift


In order that this will be a puzzle, the inscription is quite hidden. Kids have to search for the soloution. But it makes fun! And as we know, fun and puzzeling let the learn-effect rise.

Plätzchen ausstechform Natur detailBeautiful Cookies

Classic cookie cutters are very kitschy and just “allowed” to use during christmas. But these natural cookie cutters are also usable durig the whole year. By the way: The fine marbles of the leaf are pressed a little in the pastry. So the presentee or the cookie-connoisseur has also fun with the new cookie-shape.


Private project