Carolin KunertHi, I’m Carolin Kunert

I’m Carolin Kunert, 21 years old and I’m studying Industrial design in Munich. This website shows a few projects I created alone, in teams in my university or private.
Have a look at my work! I’m looking forward hearing from you.


Right now, I’m studying Industrial in the 6th Semester at the University of Applied Science Munich. After my High-School-Diploma in 2013 I started working in many different companies. Since then I built up a great experience in Furniture Design, Product design, Interior design, Sales, Marketing and more over. Right now I’m an intern at Phoenix Design in Munich.

Work experience is very important for me. I’m looking forward to every possibility to yield and improve my knowledge. Despite my young age, I’m already having three years of work experience and I’m very used to the professional contact with clients and employer.


My focus is always on the creative, innovative idea combined with a clear analytic mind and love for the people and their behaviour. Empathy and enthusiasm is my base for a good research and to create and tackle problems afterwards. I‘m highly motivated to find the easiest solution for as many problems as possible. I‘m constantly questioning myself in every part of the design process.

I work efficient, learn determined and think a lot. I improve products through customer experience perspective. I guess that’s the answer to truly long-term innovation.
Transformation and innovative solutions are happening by creating more than just what is expected. Thats how I turn visions into values. I want to focus on this and want to work with difficult problems and create solutions for today and tomorrow.

Further I’m interested in Design-and Communication theory. In my opinion, this is the base for holistic design. Additional, I’m visiting courses in psychology, engineering and marketing to ensure a good teamwork with other professionals.