Homeland lamp

A lamp takes your homeland with you – wherever you go How and when do you fell at home even if you are in a new place or period of life? This lamp helps you to take a little piece of your native country with you. When you swicht it on, it transfom your new […]

Piece by piece furniture

A furniture project with Bellevue di Monaco This project is all about a furniture series for the interior of a “encounter café” where refugees and munich inhabitants can meet each other or just hang out together super open minded. The personalized chairs and Table will be used and also available in spring 2017 in the […]

Learning by baking

Plätzchen ausstechform Blattform

Cookie Cutters A small project about cookiecutters in leaf shape. So rediscover the nature during backing. Do you remember how a poplar looks like ? Or a lime? Just after leaving primary school you have already forgotten how all the trees around you are called or how they look like. These cookie cutters are made […]

Solid Urban Barbeque

Solid Urban Barbeque

Tranport everything you need for a barbeque, on your bicycle carrier rack Solid urban barbeque is the first stable, transportable grill with a lot of space for your things plus the oppertunity to cool your drinks during the ride. The problem Want to have a barbeque in the city without a own garden or balcony: […]


Simple! Cheap! Fast! YOUDECIDE is a coat rack system for everyone, based on the kit principle: Choose colour, size and the numbers of pieces. You can buy just two for the bedroom or nine for an entrance hall. The users simply compile their individual coat racks. The design takes the irregularity of nature into consideration. […]



A compostable one season aviary Dirty, ugly, wet, moss is growing on it = Thats how your aviarys look like after the winter. This aviary is made to be put it on the compost or to be burried it in your garden after the winter. Plus: If you want to, you can paint it. It‘s […]

Childhood memmory

Upcycling in the cool way A lamp out of old Duplostones? For sure! Why should you leafe the toys in the cellar… Everyone know them, everyone love them. And suddenly they are gone. But ten years later they are back again! This lamp was developed in a short private project. I wanted to upcycle the […]

Minerals bottle

Drink out of the stone! There are just few everyday items out of the wonderful material stone. Often the negative argument “hard” applies . Hard to handle, heavy in the hand, heavy to transport. True, but sometimes it serves for many years as a kitchen countertop or a lamp stand. Here, this longevity was transferred […]

Garlic peeler

Knoblauch schälen

Prepare garlic without stinking fingers – A kitchen appliance that finally solves a real problem! Most of us like it, some hate it: Garlic. But we all hate to prepare it. Why? Your hands smell for days and hours and you wished you hadn‘t touched the mean bulb at all. Step 1: Put 1-5 garlic […]



Games Takeaway Board games or memories are played rare. Especially in the age 18+,  gathering around a table to play with friends isn’t common anymore. We had the challenge to develope a game box (25 x 25cm), which combines many different games under one roof and is transportable. Especially here: Memory without table and without […]

Triumphal procession of simplicity

Aktenordner Ledertasche

A case for Laptop or files A private project with focus on the time of production. Leather. A material which is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, durability and patina. Automatically we stroke with our hand over leather sofas that feel soft and durable. Especially in times of digitization and hectic rush we long for the original […]


Get rid, go read! – Take give read This is a concept of a sharing box for magazines, newspapers and books in public space. A solution to the throwaway society today. Read the newspaper once and you throw away? This Bookbox enables clean storage for already readed stuff at airports, railway stations or major public […]


Formal language of a leaf transferred to an industrial product First, the formal language of the leafwas analyzed. Sketches  were made which show the rough structure and highly detailed impressions of the object. The individual change over the seasons, the tender breaks and the sorted structure of a leaf should be visable later. Personally, the […]


Drinking bottle The aim was do design a cup, in sense of something wich includes liquids, for the first  time in only a digital way. Used programme were Rhino 5 and Keyshot   A project in the subject digital design, 2th semester.


Designers Finest The aim was to stage a well designed product in different perspectives: Realistic, dynami and subjectiv. Product: Cappucchino cup from Illy. Illy-Cup: Subjektiv and dynamic perspektive. Illy-cup: realistic and dynamic Illy-cup: Subjektive perspektive A Projekt in the subject Photographie, first semester Teampartner: Zarah Lammèl